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Adding Funds to Slash with a Wire Transfer
Adding Funds to Slash with a Wire Transfer
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A Wire Transfer is a transfer of funds directly from one account to another using key information about the account. Both a Wire Transfer and an ACH Push are initiated from your external bank’s online platform, using information located in your Slash account. Wire transfers are typically faster than an ACH, and are associated with a fee, click here for typical Slash wire transfer schedules.

Slash Account Wire Information

  1. Log into your Slash dashboard, choose the account to add funds to (Personal or Business) by using the toggle in the top left corner.

  2. Click Move Money, then Add Funds

  3. Select Wire/ACH

  4. Use the wire details on screen to enter into your external bank account’s transfer screen. You are also able to export them as a PDF to submit to another bank or sender.

Bank Specific Wire Instructions

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