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Welcome to Slash! Before you get cooking, let's take a look around your Slash dashboard.

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Welcome to your Slash dashboard! Let’s take a look around.

Switch Accounts

Your Slash account can now contain up to 2 separate accounts, business and personal. To switch between these accounts use the option in the top left corner. The data and options on the screen will change depending on which account is selected.


Your Slash dashboard will change slightly depending on which account you have selected, business or personal. Both provide insights on your balance, spending. Business will also show you an overview of your virtual cards.

Move Money

Moving money in, out and between your Slash accounts is even easier with Slash 2.0! To transfer money into your Business account, navigate to Move Money located at the top right of your business dashboard. You can either add funds into your Slash account or send funds out of your Slash account.

Cards (Business Account Only)

Here you can create, manage and export the virtual cards associated with your Slash business account. For more information about Slash cards, click here.


The Transactions page is a comprehensive list of every spend, withdrawal, deposit and charge across all your Slash cards and accounts. Here you can filter your transactions by status, category and card, as well as find the transaction reference number should you ever need to provide it to a merchant. More information about the transactions page here.


Here you will find 3 tabs, Account Details, Statements, and Documents.

Account is your personal information, such as your contact info. Statements contain your monthly account statements. Documents contain any generated documents regarding your Slash account, including your wire transfer instructions.


Subscription is where you can view or change your current Slash pricing tier. The three tiers we offer are:

  • Free (50 cards): The free plan works for new resellers that are learning and testing out botting. Start small and allow your card count to grow as your business does.

  • Pro (100 cards): Pro works for most resellers - 100 base unique profiles is enough to make out with a good amount of inventory on almost any drop.

  • Elite (500 cards): Elite is best suited for those with a consistent, high volume of success with large amounts of capital and equally large setups. Anyone with bulk ACO run on their profiles would be a good candidate.


Settings has 2 sections, Account and Security. Account is your personal information, such as your contact info.

Security is where you can change your password, or enable 2FA and login alerts.

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