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How to configure automatic recurring top ups on Slash
How to configure automatic recurring top ups on Slash
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To ensure your Slash account always stays funded, you can create an auto transfer rule on Slash.

Auto transfer rules help you initiate deposits from a connected bank account automatically when your balance goes below a certain amount.

To set them up:

  1. Click on "Entity Settings" on the bottom left of the side bar

  2. Click on "Auto transfers" (the rightmost option in the horizontal nav)

  3. Click on "Create rule"

  4. In the first field, specify the balance threshold at which you'd like a deposit to be initiated (eg: if you want a deposit to be initiated when your balance hits $100,000.00 or less, type $100,000.00)

  5. In the second field, specify the balance you'd like your account to have after your deposit fully posts (eg: if you want your balance to go up to $150,000.00 after your deposit settles, type in $150,000.00)

  6. Pick your authorization type:

    1. Automatic - these trigger without manual confirmation. This means that if your balance dips below your threshold and there are enough funds in your connected account to bring your balance up to your target balance, a deposit will be immediately initiated

    2. Manual - these send you a notification when your balance dips below a certain amount. You can then log in to the dashboard and "approve" the suggested deposit.


  1. For the purposes of this feature, your balance is calculated as (Cash Account balance - Credit balance). This way, your auto transfer will be initiated even before your Credit balance is paid off at the end of the day.

  2. Transfers take ~2 business days to post into your Slash account. Please take this and your spending patterns into account when setting your threshold and target balances.

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