Slash x Lysted Promo FAQ
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General Slash Information

What is Slash?

Slash is a modern banking platform designed specifically for online businesses. THey offer a range of products and features, including:

  1. Checking accounts.

  2. Physical and virtual cards for your entire team with high cash back (2.3%).

  3. Free outgoing wires and ACH payments

  4. Integrations with major accounting platforms like Quickbooks, NetSuite, Xero, and Zoho.

  5. Multiple users.

How do I sign up for Slash?

  1. Use the following invite code and submit an application to ensure your application gets fast tracked.

  2. Email Shaan Patel ([email protected]) if you have any issues or questions signing up.

What do I need to sign up for Slash?

  1. A US-based LLC, C Corp, S Corp, or Limited Partnership

Is Slash like Divvy?

Yes, but better. Divvy’s “prepaid offering” is not a full fledged checking account, it’s a card that you prepay and can spend out of.

With Slash, you can:

  1. Get payouts from marketplaces and payment platforms like Lysted.

  2. Send out unlimited wire and ACH transfers to any bank account in the US for free.

  3. Get protected with $10m in FDIC insurance.

Is Slash like Chase Business Checking?

Yes, but better. Slash offers virtually everything your Chase Business Checking account offers and more. On top of a checking account with no monthly minimums or monthly fees, you get:

  1. Unlimited virtual and physical cards for your entire team.

  2. Analytics software to keep you on top of your finances.

  3. FDIC insurance up to $10m.

How does Slash make money?

Slash gets a portion of the merchant fee that Visa applies each time you use your card. The merchant (or vendor) pays this fee—not you. They also earn interest on each customer’s balance; interest is paid to Slash by the Federal Reserve via their Partner Bank, Column Bank NA, and is not paid by you.

Promo Information

When will I get my rebate?

  1. September 1, 2024

How large will my rebate be?

  1. Equal to 1% of the Lysted payouts that you send into your Slash account in the months of June and July:

    1. $25,000 in Lysted payouts in June/July into your Slash account = $250 rebate

    2. $50,000 in Lysted payouts in June/July into your Slash account = $500 rebate

    3. $100,000 in Lysted payouts in June/July into your Slash account = $1,000 rebate

    4. $200,000 in Lysted payouts in June/July into your Slash account = $2,000 rebate

How do I change my Lysted payouts to go to Slash?

  1. Click "Action" > "Update"

    1. Key in your Slash account details (can be found in the Slash home dashboard by clicking "Move Money" > "Add funds" > "Wire / ACH"):

      1. Account number

      2. Routing number

      3. Account Type: CHECKING

  2. Click "Submit"

What do I need to do to qualify for the rebate?

  1. Redirect your Lysted payouts to your Slash account (must be a PLATINUM account)

  2. Keep your Lysted payouts directed to your Slash account through September 1st, 2024

  3. Spend at least $25,000.00 on a Slash issued card by July 31st, 2024

  4. Meaningfully using your Slash account. At our sole discretion, we can refuse to pay rebates to customers we determine are trying to "game" the promotion (eg: as soon as every payout hits, you immediately wire the money out).

When will I get my rebate payment?

  1. September 1st, 2024

Is there a maximum to the rebate I can get?

  1. The maximum rebate you can get is $2,000.

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