How to redirect your Lysted payouts to go to Slash
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Your Slash account is a full featured checking account in your/your company's name. It is meant to replace your Chase Business Checking account.

Like any other checking account, you can use it to receive ACH, domestic wire, and international wire payments from any source, and send ACH and wire payments to any destination.

Here's how to redirect your Lysted payouts so they land in your Slash account

Step 1: Log in to your payment portal

Visit and log in with your Automatiq.

Step 2: Add your Slash account information

In the Hyperwallet home page:

  1. Click "Action" > "Update"

  2. Key in your Slash account details (can be found on this page under credentials, or by clicking "Move Money" > "Add funds" > "Wire / ACH" in the Slash home dashboard):

    1. Account number

    2. Routing number

    3. Account Type: CHECKING

  3. Click "Submit"

  4. Done!

Step 3: Let the money come in 😎

You'll be able to see your payouts in your transactions page, they'll all be called "AUTOMATIQ"

Every time you get a payout, you'll also get an email like this one:

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