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How to send an international wire to your Slash account
How to send an international wire to your Slash account
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Your Slash account is a full featured checking account in your/your company's name. Like any other checking account, you can use it to receive ACH, domestic wire, and international wire payments from any source, and send ACH and wire payments to any destination.

To receive an international wire your Slash account you'll need to:

  1. Find your Slash account details:

    1. Click "Move Money" > "Add funds" on the home page

    2. Click "Wire / ACH"

    3. If you manage multiple entities via your Slash dashboard, select the account you'd like to send money into

  2. Log in to your external banking dashboard

  3. Input your Slash account details (your "account number" is your IBAN)

  4. Use the Column SWIFT code when prompted for it:

    1. CLNOUS66XXX

    2. ^ you should remove the trailing XXX if you're asked for an 8 digit code

  5. The following information will be there for you to copy-paste, and also downloadable as a PDF (different banks may ask for different information to complete the transfer):

    1. Beneficiary name (will be your company name)

    2. Account number (this is your IBAN)

    3. Routing number

    4. Beneficiary address

    5. Bank name

    6. Bank address

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