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Card groups: how to create them and what they do
Card groups: how to create them and what they do
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Card groups let you set limits across cards instead of on individual cards.

You can see all of your card groups by visiting the cards page and clicking on the "Groups" toggle towards the right of the page:

Example use cases for card groups:

  1. You have 10 cards assigned to 10 different ad accounts, you want to merchant lock all of them to Facebook, and allow only $10,000 to be spent, in aggregate, across all 10 cards.

  2. You give an employee 10 cards to buy inventory for your business, but you don't want that employee to spend more than $10,000 across all of his cards.

  3. You are planning a company trip and assign each of your employees a card for travel expenses. In aggregate, you don't want them to spend over $5,000.

To create card groups:

  1. Visit the cards page by clicking the card icon in the side panel.

  2. Click on "Add +" on the top right of the dashboard

  3. Click on "New Group"

  4. Give your group a name

  5. Optionally assign merchant, merchant category, transaction size, and utilization limits to it.

  6. Done!

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