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How do pending transactions affect my credit balance?
How do pending transactions affect my credit balance?
Written by Mohamed Badran
Updated over a week ago

A successful transaction on your Slash Platinum Card begins with what’s called an authorization. This is the message that tells us what you’re buying, from which merchant, and for how much.

You’ll know when a successful authorization happens once you see a successful order or confirmation screen, and you’ll also be notified of the transaction by Slash and see the pending charge on the Transactions page. Click on an individual transaction for more details.

Sometimes, a charge may stay pending on the account for one or more days. From here, it will either settle, or the pending charge will drop off and not count against your available spending limit.

Pending transactions will count against your maximum credit limit, which means the maximum amount you can spend in a day will be reduced by any pending transactions, but you won’t be expected to repay any balance associated with pending transactions until those transactions settle.

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