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Keep your cards organized and secure with card groups.

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By grouping your cards together, you can set and manage spending limits across multiple cards, helping you stay within your budget and avoid overspending. Card groups can provide greater control and security over your finances, allowing you to set specific limits on each card or group of cards based on your needs and preferences. Let's dive into the available controls for card groups and see how they can help you take control of your finances. Each card group can have one, two, or all of these controls working together to keep your VCC's secure.

Creating a Card Group

To create a new card group:

  1. Navigate to Cards

  2. Select + Add in the top corner, then click New Card Group

  3. Give your group a name

  4. Adjust the utilization, transaction range, and merchant control limits as needed

  5. Click Save

Adding Cards to Groups

You are also able to create a group, or add cards to an existing group, by selecting the cards you'd like added to the new group, and using the Groups button in the bottom toolbar. Cards can also be added individually to the group by clicking the cards details.

Changing or removing a cards group will instantly change that cards limits to the new groups rules.

Limit Types

Utilization Limit

A utilization limit allows you to control the total amount that can be spent across all cards in the group. This limit can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or total all time spending. We would recommend a utilization limit if you want to run all your cards on a drop but not spend more than a certain dollar amount.

Transaction Range

Transaction ranges allow you to set per transaction amount limits. These limits can be just a minimum amount, just a maximum amount or an upper and lower range, meaning that you have complete control of the dollar amount of each transaction. This limit would be useful if you know the exact price of what what you are trying to buy, or know how much you want to spend per transaction .

Merchant Limit

A merchant limit allows you to control which merchants are allowed or blocked from a grouping of cards. This limit can set your groups of cards to only be used on one website, such as Ticketmaster, while disallowing all other websites. It can also block certain websites, while allowing all others. This limit would be useful if you have a certain group of cards specifically for one purpose.

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