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How to send a wire or ACH transfer using Slash
How to send a wire or ACH transfer using Slash
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Slash allows you to send wire or ACH transfers to any bank account in the US seamlessly.

Step 1: Create a contact

  1. To send an ACH transfer, click on "Move Money" > "Send Money"

  2. Then, click on "+ Add contact"

  3. Fill in your contact's details (nickname, email, account/routing number, beneficiary name, beneficiary address)

Step 2: Select a contact

After your contact is created, you'll be shown a list of all your contacts. Select the contact you'd like to send money to.

Step 3: Send the transfer

  1. Key in the amount of money you'd like to send

  2. Add an optional memo (the recipient will see this)

  3. Select the account you'd like to transfer from (there will only be a dropdown if you have multiple entities in your Slash account)

  4. Select whether you'd like to send the transfer as a wire (same day) or ACH (next business day)

  5. Review the transfer details

  6. Click "Send"

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