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Sending Funds with Zelle®
Sending Funds with Zelle®
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Slash is thrilled to announce our partnership with the payment platform, Zelle®! By adding your Slash card to Zelle® you are able to send funds directly to and from your Slash personal account.


Using your Slash physical card, or the virtual card on your personal account, head over to the Zelle app.

In the Zelle® app, when prompted to Find your Bank, search for Slash then click Don't see your bank?

Use the beneficiary and card information to register for Zelle®. Ensure that the beneficiary address you use matches your Slash profile.

It is important that you use a phone number that has not been previously used for Zelle®. Zelle® also does not allow for VoIP numbers. If you are already a Zelle® user, click here for help in removing your phone number from the current account. Attempts to register with the same phone number as an existing account, or with a VoIP will get you flagged by Zelle® for fraud and locked. If your Zelle® account is locked, call the Zelle® team at 833-863-9464 for immediate help.

Using Zelle

Once you’re enrolled with Zelle® all you need is an email address or U.S. mobile phone number to send money to friends and family straight from the Zelle® app and the funds will be taken from your Slash personal account.

Need more help with the Zelle® app? Click here to contact the Zelle® Team.

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