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Prepare for Large Drops
Prepare for Large Drops

Let’s take some of the stress out of large drops. Here are some of our very own cooks best tips to ensure you are ready for any drop!

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Let’s take some of the stress out of large drops. Slash's very own cooks have prepared their best tips to ensure you are ready for any drop!


In the week leading up to the drop, ensure that your funds are deposited into your business account well before drop day.

Bank Transfers will take 3-5 business days to appear in the account. Our instant funding options are Debit Card Funding, CashApp, or Zelle.

Click here for more information about our different funding methods.


Now on to the most important ingredient - your cards! Your Slash subscription will include at least 50, 100, or 500 active cards. If you find you need more cards, visit the Subscription tab in your account to upgrade.

Now that you have confirmed your card limit, ensure your cards are active and ready. As a reminder, active & paused cards count towards your card limit, while those marked inactive or closed will not. Card details can be exported to a CSV file, but please note that .csv export in excel will add a 0 to each card number, and we recommend using another spreadsheet editor. If you plan on using a Slash physical card for the drop, please ensure that the billing info matches the information in your Slash account.

Declines & Disputes

We know, declines are not what you want to see & trust us, we are manifesting zero declines for you always. If you happen to see a decline, here are some tips to get past it quickly so you can move onto the next drop. Slash cards are virtual debit cards, so if the transaction is more than your current Slash balance, they will be declined due to insufficient funds. If you have the funds in your Slash account, and can see the declined transaction in your Slash dashboard, reach out to us and we can help you figure out why.

If you receive a decline that doesn’t appear in your Slash account, this means that your billing profile was declined at the point of the merchant's payment processor and we did not receive a charge attempt. Slash-related declines can only occur when we receive a charge attempt from the merchant.

During extremely high-traffic drops such as those on Yeezy Supply, it is common for the website to experience errors at checkout which may show up as declines within the software being used. Additionally, the payment processor being used may have a higher than normal level of fraud detection. This does not mean that Slash cards are being blocked or banned, it just means that you may randomly experience fraud declines when attempting to check out.

We recommend consulting your cook group for the best tips on how to optimize your billing profiles!

If you run into a situation where you need to dispute a charge, please ensure you’ve followed the steps in these common dispute scenarios prior to submitting a dispute

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