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Disputing a "merchandise lost by carrier" transaction
Disputing a "merchandise lost by carrier" transaction

If you ordered merchandise but it never arrived, follow these steps before initiating a chargeback.

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If you ordered merchandise but it never arrived, follow these steps before initiating a chargeback.

Determine Reason not Received

If it was never shipped by the retailer, click here to follow the steps to dispute with the retailer.

Gather Information

Ensure you have the following:

  • Retailer Contact

  • Email associated with the order ID

  • Amount Paid

  • Slash Transaction ID number

  • Last four digits of affected card number

  • Date of the transaction

  • Product Information (SKU, Brand, Model, Color, Size, Variant, Tracking Number if provided and the expected Delivery Date)

  • Purchase Order, Receipt or Invoice for the original order containing order/purchase number

  • Email associated with the order ID

  • Expected delivery date

Contact Carrier

Contact the carrier requesting a refund or for a status update on the merchandise. Ensure that you save all communications with the carrier as you will need to show a good faith attempt to contact them in order to submit the dispute.

This could lead to one of three scenarios;

  1. The carrier locates the package and advises that it is on route - no chargeback necessary.

  2. The carrier opens an investigation - ensure you save proof of any communications in regards to the investigation. This could either result in them sending a check for the insured amount covered by the carrier, or siding with you and opening up a claim that you can then email your retailer for a full refund. Ensure you take screenshots and save all communications. If the retailer then refuses to refund you, gather all the proof mentioned thus far and use the link below to initiate your chargeback.

  3. The carrier refuses to open an investigation - contact the retailer to see if they can provide a replacement or refund. If they will not provide either, gather all screenshots and proof of these conversations and use the link below to initiate.

Initiate Chargeback

To initiate the chargeback, fill out this form with all the information gathered above. It is important that you be as detailed as possible. Short answers, missing dates and/or supportive evidence will make it harder for you to win the dispute. Slash does not investigate disputes directly. The details you provide are submitted to the card network for their investigation. Please do not use terms or phrases that are associated with the reseller community, use language that a non member of the reseller community would understand. Do not submit multiple transactions in a single form.

When submitted disputes can take up to 4 months to get a resolution from the card network. We may reach out for more evidence if the card network requests it. Think of this dispute as an online court case between you, the merchant, and the card network as the judge.

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