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Card statuses
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Your Slash cards can have 4 different statuses:

  1. Active

  2. Paused

  3. Inactive

  4. Closed

Active cards are cards that are completely ready to transact.

Paused cards are cards that will not have any authorization go through unless unpaused. Paused cards can still receive refunds.

Inactive cards are more rare and will only be found on older versions of Slash. A card of yours becomes inactive if you downgraded to a pricing plan that offered less virtual cards. In the event that you upgrade to a plan with more virtual cards, these can be reactivated.

Closed cards are cards that you or our support team deleted. Deleted cards cannot be reactivated

Here is your guide to the 4 card statuses:


Can be used to spend

Counts towards card limit

Visible in dashboard

Can be reactivated

Can receive refunds







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